Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Liberals stopped the boxes, what about restoring home delivery?


Canada Post wanted to eliminate home delivery of mail, claiming community mailboxes were expected to put the crown corporation back on fiscal track by 2019. Canada Post says Canadians mailed more than a billion fewer pieces of mail in 2013 than they did in 2006, which was speculated on the increased use of digital communications, such as electronic on-line payments, e-commerce and emails. This move could have made Canada,  one of the first G7 countries to abolish all door-to-door mail deliveries.

During an election campaign in 2015, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada Tom Mulcair pledged to restore door-to-door delivery to Canadians, if elected as the next Prime Minister. The Liberals had collapsed to just 34 seats in the 2011 federal election, along with being third place political party of Canada behind the NDP.  The Liberal party is now the new, majority government with 184 Constituencies strong, along with their leader Justin Trudeau as the new Prime Minister (PM) of Canada. After becoming the next PM, Justin Trudeau only temporarily suspended it's conversion of door-to-door mail delivery to community mailboxes. Door-to-door delivery of mail from Canada Post, will continue for people who have not yet been issued a community mailbox. There has been some speculation that many Canadians who have already had their door-to-door delivery converted to a community mailbox will most likely not get it restored back. The Liberals along with the NDP asserted during the election campaign promise if elected, bringing restoring back home delivery to Canadians that already converted to community mailboxes and keeping door to door mail service should not cost Canadian taxpayers any more money. All costs should be absorbed by the revenue of Canada Post, not Canadian taxpayers from the conversion to community mailbox savings scheme from Canada Post.

Community mailboxes have been around since the 1980s, and they are now standard in all new housing development in Canada. Canada Post does not offer door-to-door regular mail service to two-thirds of Canadians. Back in May 2016 the Liberal government decided to launch a review board to determine the future of mail services of Canada Post, now there’s no guarantee home delivery will be restored for those who have recently lost it. The Liberals and Trudeau had made a pledge to Canadians, during last autumn's election campaign if elected to “save and restore door to door mail deliveries”, which Trudeau kept half of the promise, by halting Canada Post's conversion to community mailbox programme after being elected as PM.

Now the Liberal government is now committed themselves to a $2-million independent review of Canada Post and mail delivery services.  Now where is the commitment now to restore home delivery  to those who have been fully transitioned to community mailboxes. What is the option here for restoring home mail delivery and keeping Canada Post viable. Canada Post could restructure their mail delivery options, so Canadians can get their mail weekly, or just twice a week. Another option would allow Canada Post, to deliver mail to Canadian households and businesses on it's current daily six day delivery schedule? Unlike the Royal Mail of Britain, the Liberal government has made it clear, none of Canada Post's services won’t be privatised any time soon in the near future. Restoration of home mail delivery for the Canadians that had their mail recently converted to community mailboxes, does not look like their mail services will be restored as mentioned in their 2015 campaign promise. Without restoring door to door to these Canadians, now makes it look like the Liberals have broken a campaign promise to their Constituents and Canadians. 

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